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ARCHIFOCUS is a multidisciplinary studio dedicated to creating projects, design and construction of interior and exterior in the domain of architecture of the residential, commercial, industrial and public space. Our practice is grounded on individual approach to each particular project as well as on minute elaboration of each detail until the final implementation of the idea. Well conceptualized space understands quality and authentic design reflecting client’s identity. We believe that design can motivate and inspire users and have a long-term affirmative effect on the individual. Our studio pays particular attention to the analysis of light, materials and details that are specific for the nature of each project. The ultimate product are functional, innovative and sustainable spaces elegantly integrated in the surroundings.      facebook

Architect Dijana Zorić, founder and CEO

Born in 1982 in Nikšić. Ms Zorić graduated from the Civil Engineering and Architecture Faculty, Department of Architecture in Niš in 2008. She has successfully completed the Advanced Specialised Programme for the Interior Designing at the Milano based Istituti Callegari in the period 2010 – 2011. Furthermore, she possesses licence in design and implementation of projects in the domain of building architecture, interior architecture, landscaping and projects related to interior plumbing and sewerage installations. She has participated in a number of seminars and workshops on energy efficiency in buildings, trainings in management and supervision over FIDIC-based projects. In 2016, she founded the ARCHIFOCUS design studio dedicated to design and supervision over development of residential, corporate and industrial facilities, preparation of technical documents and project management.    facebook

Maja Mrdak, architect

Maja was born in Banjaluka in 1992. She completed the architecture studies in 2015 with the graduation thesis entitled “Revitalizacija Jusovače – Podgorica” (Refurbishment of Jusovača – Podgorica). Over the course of studies, she took part in a number of seminars and workshops. Additionally, her works made part of numerous exhibitions including, inter alea, 23rd International Urban Development Exhibition in Belgrade where she won a special prize (co-author: Aleksandra Adžić) for the project “Reanimacija Bedema, Nikšić” (Reanimation of Bedem Ramparts, Nikšić). In November 2015, the conceptual design entitled Čiviluk Bamboleo prepared by Maja (co-author Jasmina Vukić) was selected for further implementation during a competition organised by DODING Company and Podgorica –based Faculty of Architecture. In February 2018, the same design was selected amongst those presented at the Exhibition of Commended Designs organised by the Women’s Architectural Society in Belgrade. She has been part of Archifocus Studio as associate designer since May 2018.      facebook

Vukola Kecojevic, architect

Vukola was born in 1994 in Podgorica. He graduated from the Faculty for Polytechnic Engineering of the University Donja Gorica in 2018 with the graduation thesis “Mini Hotel Kotor”. He currently attends post-graduate studies at the Department of Architecture and Design. He has been the member of Archifocus Studio since December 2017 at the position of associate designer dedicated to further improvement of 3D animation and visualisation.      facebook