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Our constant presence during the construction process ARCHIFOCUS STUDIO


With our partner companies, we provide
a complete service,from design to
construction completion. We have full
responsibility for planning,design,
project execution, supervision, and control.


ARCHIFOCUS Studio provides a complete architectural service, for both residential and commercial projects. Based on the complexity, scale, type, and clients’ preferences, we adjust the level of professional services to suit each project. If required, we expand the design team to include other stages of the engineering process, as well as interior design services, landscape architecture, or any other special advisors needed to complete the project. With extensive experience in client-oriented design and project management, we strive to provide integrated solutions, working with all parties to deliver the best possible design services, from concept to completion.


Archifocus Studio offers a complete service during all stages of the construction process. In the investment contract, we take full responsibility for the management of subcontractors, consultants, and suppliers, while including them in the entire project, from design to submission of final construction works. Our architectural role tends to change during the project – from designer to site manager (effectively taking on the role of general contractor). We oversee the project and are willing to turn to the construction expertise of subcontractors at all times. As architects, we bear the greatest risk, but we also have more control over the project.


Our team of architects ensures that the project is built according to the project documentation and also takes part in working on the final details that occur during the construction and were not foreseen during the design or construction process. In addition, our designer, in cooperation and with the consent of the investor, determines and participates in the selection of finishing materials, coatings, equipment, and systems.


An architectural concept is an abstract idea, a thought, an intention that constantly flows through the entire project design process and moves it forward.

An architectural concept is a response to a vision, which is just as important at the beginning as it is at the end.


It is also a collaborative process in which the client is involved to a great extent and perceives how the project is created to the point when they can visualize themselves in their new space.


The main project is a key step in the process of successful and precise execution of the approved design.

The main project determines the detailed and precise functional and aesthetic structure of the building by giving recommendations and advising the client about the possibility of construction.


Our constant presence during construction is just as important as before the construction work begins.

Inevitably, some decisions have to be made or changed on the ground, and our cooperation and ability to react quickly and resolve the situation is crucial to the ongoing construction process.


Our range of capabilities gives us the freedom to provide different architectural solutions, the use of innovative products and materials, and the implementation of our client’s vision to improve every project that we pitch in.